Frequently Asked Questions

I lost my charging cable, how can I get a replacement?  

I am unable to pair the songBirdie with my Bluetooth device.

  • Is the speaker battery fully charged and turned on?
  • Is the Bluetooth in your music device turned on and in pairing mode?
  • Do you see "songBirdie Bluetooth Speaker" in the list of "discovered" devices?  If you do not see our speaker listed then the most likely reason is that you have paired our speaker with another device.  For example, you used our speaker with your mobile phone but later you decided to use our speaker with your tablet.  If you do not first disconnect our speaker from your phone your tablet will never "see" our speaker.  You MUST disconnect our speaker from the previous device (your phone) first BEFORE you can connect with another device (your tablet).  Consult your device owners manual for additional details on how to sync with a Bluetooth accessory like our speaker.
  • Is the blue LED on the bottom of the speaker flashing fast or slow?  The light should be flashing fast which indicates the speaker is in pairing mode.  If the LED light is flashing slow then our speaker has already paired with another device.  As with the previous bullet point above, you must disconnect our speaker from the previous device before you can connect it to another device.

How often will I have to replace the speaker batteries?

  • Our speakers do not use replaceable batteries.  They are powered by a single rechargeable lithium ion battery.

How quickly will the battery charge?

  • If you charge the battery using an A/C USB wall adapter it will take approximately 1 hour for a complete charge.  
  • If you charge the battery using the USB cable to a computer it will take approximately 3 hours for a complete charge.

How long will the battery last on a single charge?

  • Model gbs - At 50% volume the playback time will be 6 to 8 hours.
  • Model gbsbt - At 50% volume the playback time will be 12 to 15 hours.

What can I do about poor sound quality?

  • Bluetooth technology is a short-distance radio technology, so it's not uncommon for the audio to become fuzzy or fade in and out.  Here is a list of potential fixes to improve the sound quality:
  • Ensure that your songBirdie Bluetooth Speaker and paired Bluetooth device are charged and turned on.
  • Place both devices within 30 feet of each other, or closer.
  • Move both devices away from other Bluetooth devices, microwaves, wireless routers or other electronic devices to eliminate interference they can cause.
  • Increase the volume on your songBirdie Bluetooth Speaker and paired Bluetooth device.
  • Go to the Sound Settings on your Mac/PC and select songBirdie Bluetooth Speaker as the input/output device (Mac) or as the playback/recording device (PC).
  • Try "forgetting" your songBirdie Bluetooth Speaker so it disconnects from your music device, then try re-pairing it as this will usually clear up any interference issues.
  • Every music device on the market has an internal EQ (equalizer) which affects the way music is played and thus the way it ultimately sounds.  Consult the User Manual for your music device to learn how this can be adjusted.

What should I use to clean the speaker?  

  • To keep your speaker shiny and fingerprint free use a damp cleaning cloth to wipe away dust and oily fingerprints.  Avoid using cleaning solvents as this may damage the paint and sensitive electronic components.

Is the songBirdie waterproof?

  • It is not waterproof.  Keep it away from humidity, rain, and extended exposure to direct sunlight.  If any liquid does spill on the speaker dry it immediately with a cleaning cloth.  
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