How to Raise Money at a Golf Tournament

How to Raise Money at a Golf Tournament

If you are planning a charity golf event, then you are likely brainstorming various ideas to earn the maximum amount of revenue possible. Whether it be a Golf Ball Drop, a Golf Scramble, or something else, there are all sorts of ideas for running a successful charity golf event. You just have to decide what will work best for your tournament, considering the tournament’s venue and the type of players you expect to participate. Read our blog post, “How to Run a Charity Golf Tournament” to learn more about planning a charity golf event. 

Have a Putting Contest to Raise Money at Your Golf Tournament 

One great option you have for raising money at your golf tournament is to have a putting contest before the tournament begins. This is a special event that will attract golfers to participate, and it is relatively simple to plan and easy to implement. Having a pre-event activity for the players gives them something to participate in while they wait for the tee off. Additionally, this type of activity gives the golfers a chance to practice on the green before the actual tournament starts. Finally, a putting contest gives you the chance to raise more money for your charity. So, what are you waiting for? It’s a win-win. 

What is a Putting Contest?   

The format of a putting contest is simple. It consists of the following: 

  • Putt distance - You need to decide the distance for the putt. You probably want to make it at least 60 feet so that it isn’t too easy for the players. 
  • Number of putts - You need to decide how many putts each golfer can take. Generally, two putts is best. This gives the golfers a chance at a good run, but it also keeps the golfers from having to wait too long to take their turn. 
  • Winning the putt - The golfer whose ball is closest to the hole or makes it in the hole after their two putts is the winner. If more than one player makes the putt, then you could have a quick putt-off as a tiebreaker. 

As you can see, planning a putting contest doesn’t require much extra prep. There’s some administrative work to sign the golfers up for the contest, but the actual game only needs to have participants and a golf course. 

Types of Putting Contests  

There are a couple of types of putting contests you can choose to plan. 

  • Guaranteed Winner - With this contest, you will have a prize to give to the winner right away. Out of all of the participants, the golfer whose ball makes the putt or is closest to the hole wins and earns the prize. This is a popular format because the winner gets the prize immediately and the golf tournament can begin.    
  • Insured Putting Contest - In this case, the contest is separated into a qualifying round and then a final putt from the winner. All of the players will take their two putts and the one closest to the hole is the winner of the qualifying round. However, the prize hasn’t been won yet. The winner will then take one more putt (from at least 50 feet) for the grand cash prize. This cash prize could be a large amount ($5,000-$10,000) that you would purchase insurance for. You purchase insurance coverage for the prize in case the golfer wins the cash prize. If the golfer doesn’t make the putt, then you should still offer a smaller prize certificate for a cruise or something like that. An Insured Putting Contest is definitely more valuable in terms of prizes, so it will most likely attract more participants.  

Putting Contest Prizes  

Whether you choose to put on a Guarantee Winner or Insured Putting Contest, you want to make sure you offer a prize that will attract participants. Some ideas for a prize include: 

  • Tickets to a sporting event 
  • Cruise certificates 
  • Resort stays 

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How to Make Money with a Putting Contest   

Obviously, the whole point of a putting contest is to raise more money for your charity golf tournament. Here’s how you do that:  

  • Sell tickets - Participation in the putting contest shouldn’t be free. Players will need to purchase a ticket to be a part of the pre-event. Ticket prices might be around $20-$25. If 50 players participate, you could raise $1,000-$1,250. If 100 players participate, you could raise $2,000-$2,500 (minus the cost of the prize), and so on. Again, the more exciting the prizes are, the more participation you will have.  
  • “Super” tickets - You could also have an option for a “super” ticket when golfers sign-up for the charity golf event. This super ticket could include the putting contest’s entry fee as well as mulligans and raffle tickets. 
  • Sponsorship - A putting contest is also an opportunity to have a sponsor cover your costs for the pre-event game. The benefits to the sponsor include special recognition and the ability to meet golfers on the green. If you can save money on the cost of the putting contest and then earn money with ticket sales, then you have a great fundraising event. 

Start “Putting” a Fun Contest Before Your Golf Tournament Begins 

If you are just starting to plan your charity golf tournament or even if you are in the middle of the planning process, you should consider planning a putting contest as a pre-event activity. This benefits you and your efforts to raise money for charity, and it benefits the golfers who are attending your event. All in all, you have nothing to lose!