Best Golf Tournament Gift Idea

Best Golf Tournament Gift Idea

Are you in the process of planning a golf tournament? There are so many details that go into organizing this type of event including golf course location, volunteer recruitment, sponsorships, marketing, budget, gifts, prizes, and so much more. Check out our blog post, How to Run a Charity Golf Tournament, to help you get started with planning your event. 

Deciding On a Unique Gift For Your Golf Tournament 

The focus of this blog post is to help you figure out the best gift idea for your tournament. It might be a simple decision, but it can have a valuable impact on the golfers’ experience at your tournament. 

Why Does a Golf Tournament Gift Matter? 

An author once said, “The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.” While choosing a gift for the golfers at your tournament seems like a minor detail, you can be sure that all of the golf players coming to your tournament will appreciate a thoughtful gift for their participation. It is an effective way to say “thank-you” for their time and money. Additionally, choosing the right gift might also help them to remember to come back to your golf tournament the following year. 

What Makes a Good Golf Tournament Favor? 

There are several things you should consider when deciding the best gift for your golf tournament. 

  • Branded - Look for a gift that you can customize and include your event’s logo so that the golfers will remember the tournament months later. This might help them come back to your event next year as well! 
  • Practical - Golfer will definitely appreciate a gift that they can use rather than something that will just collect dust and end up in the trash eventually. Choose a gift that has a practical use. 
  • Sponsor gifts - It might also be beneficial to choose a gift that you can customize with a sponsor’s logo. You can often get the sponsor to pay for the gifts because it gives them valuable exposure to a large group of people. In the end, this saves you money and adds to the tournament’s profit margin. 
  • Budget - Make sure you choose a gift that is appropriate for your tournament’s budget. You should also look for a company that offers discounts for ordering in bulk. Again, finding a sponsor for your gifts is another great way to fit them into the budget. 

songBirdie’s Bluetooth Speaker is the Perfect Gift 

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your golf tournament, songBirdie has you covered. Our bluetooth speakers check all the boxes for a unique, customizable, practical, and affordable gift. Shaped like a golf ball, our speaker offers the following benefits: 

  • Portable - With its rechargeable battery, the golfers at your tournament will be able to use this compact speaker whenever they play golf in the future. 
  • High-quality sound - The speaker may be compact, but the sound is not.  
  • Multiple colors - You have four different colors to choose from! 
  • Compatible with other devices - The bluetooth speaker can be used with all smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. 
  • Customizable - You can easily add a custom logo to our speakers. 
  • Free shipping & returns (U.S. only) - We are so confident you will love our product that we are happy to offer free shipping and returns. 

Contact songBirdie to Get Started   

Don’t hesitate to contact songBirdie for more information and pricing. We love partnering with golf tournament event planners because we know that we have a cool and unique product that is sure to be a hit with your participants. We promise an amazing experience from start to finish. Learn more today!